Sweden: Transaction volumes to date SEK 75 billion

While the Finnish property market has slowed down considerably in 2019, the Swedish market remains exceptionally strong. To date, properties worth SEK 75 billion have changed hands in what promises to be one of the best years ever in the Swedish market.

According to data from Datscha, the total volume as of June 14th, amounts to SEK 74.6 billion and add to that a large transaction in which SBB acquired a portfolio of community service properties (for an undisclosed amount). Combined, the total transaction volume is either just below or above SEK 75 billion.

The biggest transaction of the year, so far, is Blackstone’s acquisition of a logistics portfolio for EUR 400 million, reported last week.

Industrials (including logistics) is the most traded segment, accounting for a total of 44 per cent of the total volume, according to Datscha.

Sverrir Thór

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