Skanska JV to invest SEK 1.15 billion in new Malmö district

MKB, Malmö’s public benefit housing company, has joined forces with Skanska and Tornet Bostad to develop a new city district in the current location of Jägersro trotting arena in the outskirts of Malmö. The investment of the joint venture is estimated to SEK 1.15 billion.

MKB acquired the 40 hectare land area in November 2017 from Skånska Travsällskapet and it includes the trotting field, parking and the Jägersro Center shopping centre.

“Together, we wish to develop a sustainable city district, both socially and environmentally. We have high ambitions to realise our vision with solutions for the future”, Marie Thelander Dellhag, the new CEO of MKB, tells Fastighetsnytt.

In total, 4-5,000 new homes are planned in the area, with construction commencing in 2024. Moreover, the area will entail commercial properties and public service properties such as schools, pre-schools and senior care homes.

Development of the area is expected to be completed in 2050.

Skanska and MKB will own 45 per cent each in the joint venture company, SMT Malmö Partner Holding AB, while Tornet will own the remaining 10 per cent.

Maria Nordlander

Källa: Fastighetsnytt