John Mattson receives warm welcome by market

This week, the Stockholm Stock Exchange welcomed a new residential company to its main market as John Mattson started trading on Wednesday. The company received a warm welcome by the market and at the end of the first trading day, the share’s price was 13 per cent higher than its IPO price.

On the second day of trading, the share rose by an additional 1 per cent. The market value is currently SEK 3.3 billion.

John Mattson history goes back to 1945 and the company in its current form dates back to 1965 when the then John Mattson was split into JM (and sold to Industrivärden) and John Mattson. The company is a residential company owning 2,200 flats in affluent Stockholm suburb Lidingö. The portfolio is valued at roughly SEK 6.2 billion and in an interview with Fastighetsnytt, CEO Siv Malmgren said that the company is looking to grow in other municipalities in the Greater Stockholm area.

Sverrir Thór

Källa: Fastighetsnytt